Donna, my wife, and I are members of an Airstream (Silver Bullet Trailer) community. On July 4th of this year, we were sitting around a campfire making s’mores. (Everyone likes s’mores. You know, Graham crackers, marshmallows and Hershey bars). This diverse group represents all of America. Some are wealthy, some struggle on social security checks. Some are from the North and others from the south. Some are children of immigrants, some are black, some Hispanic and some are white. There were Republicans, Democrats, Independents, NRA members, Tea Partiers and some who believe we need an enlightened despot who would not be afraid to make decisions. All are happy to be sitting around that fire and eating s’mores, singing patriotic songs and talking about the current state of our government. The following question was a result of this conversation. "What would our founding fathers think of this current leadership? What would those founders do today? Even more interesting was the discussion that followed. No one brought up individual politicians, parties or philosophies. What we talked about was Leadership, and how our founding fathers found their way through the morass of different philosophies, opinions and passions for their preferred type of governance. These were brave men, who faced certain death by hanging if they failed in their attempt to form a United States and revolt against England. They put their lives on the line so that we could live in a democracy. How did they accomplish this? How did they all come together as one? How did they put the greater good in front of their own safety and personal gain? One of our colleagues told us (I am paraphrasing here) that one of the common bonds was that most or all of them were Freemasons. He went on to say that Masons could have completely divergent opinions, but they were civil, patient, professional with one another, and debated issues, not personalities. Obviously, this worked, and we are the beneficiaries of their debate. Yesterday, we celebrated their hard work and courage. So, what was the answer to the initial question, "What would they do today?" They would transport back to the beginning and have a do-over. And, we decided, that we would follow their lead, whatever it was. How would you answer this same question? Better yet, how would you lead?

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