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Geoff Grenert, MBA, has been an Executive Coach for the past twenty-five-years and is the Managing Partner at You Can Lead, LLC, a Florida based firm, specializing in leadership, organization, and team development.

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Features Of This Book

Leadership is based on our own experiences and how behaviors demonstrate either great leadership or a complete lack of leadership.

In the book I co-authored with my wife and business partner, Donna Riechmann, Ph.D we discuss the difference between Leadership and Management. Leadership is about people and management is about things. There is a distinct difference between the two. However, in order to achieve greatness, one must be able to excel in both, be able to tell the difference, and know when to lead and when to manage.

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We offer our book as an online manuscript available through Kindle RTP.

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Hello From Geoff Grenert

Donna and I are proud to dedicate this book to all of the men and women who have been our clients, allowing us to accompany them on their journeystowards great leadership. We thank them for their stories and shared wisdom, as well as their commitment to remain true to them¬selves, while making the changes necessary to become the great leaders we so urgently need. Acknowledgements To the many colleagues and friends who contributed to this book, especially Sim Sitkin and Allan Lind, for allowing us to reference their Delta Leadership Six Domains Leadership Model; to Cheryl De Ciantis, Kenton Hyatt and Martha Tilyard, who generously provided their insights and expertise; and to the many people who reviewed and informed our ideas for the manuscript.

A special thank you to Marty Beatrice, owner of Surf City Design, for all of his help and guidance with the design, layout and formatting of this book. Marty is a trusted colleague and true friend.

In memory of Judith Glaser, consultant and author, who sadly passed away recently. Judith was an innovative thought leader and a dear ally.

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Testimonial From Our clients

“Geoff Grenert is an amazing coach with incredible insights into people. His straightforward, "tell it like it is" approach helps the person being coached get on board and focus on the developmental growth needed to become an effective leader.”

Anne Silverman Reed Elsevier

“Geoff is a talented and insightful coach. He has a particular gift at seeking out the points of greatest leverage a coaching client might tackle and suggesting creative and practical strategies that the client might consider. With all that, he is a fun guy to work with and I would highly recommend him. .”

Esther Ewing Retired Founding Partner at Big Tree Strategies
Coaching is a critical aspect of leadership development and a key skill for leaders themselves. A successful coach must diagnosis gaps, develop self-awareness of the client and motivate and guide the client to a pragmatic development plan. Geoff’s experiential insight in these core coaching areas allows clients to develop as more emphatic, effective and balanced leaders in both professional and community roles .”

Kevin Lumb Senior Director, Janssen Pharmaceuticals

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